Mini Cooper One

30186 Mini Cooper One 1.4d R50 Flying Leather Coated Flying

30186 Mini Cooper One 1.4d R50 Flying Leather Coated Flying

30186 Mini Cooper One 1.4d R50 Flying Leather Coated Flying    30186 Mini Cooper One 1.4d R50 Flying Leather Coated Flying
30186 mini cooper one 1.4d r50 steering wheel sheathed with flying leather. This product sheet has been automatically translated. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

All parts of the donor vehicle in one stroke of oil. We accept your payment via. The European without a doubt. 30186 leather steering wheel mini cooper one 1.4d r50. Data from the donor vehicle.

65 kw / 88 ch. Please read our tips on buying used items. With the purchase, you accept this. They are binding and important to us sellers, so that we can always offer you the best prices. An original or used spare part is new and always 100% suitable for your vehicle. Our spare parts are controlled by the master and always carefully packed. You help the environment by recycling spare parts.

In addition, used spare parts are much cheaper than new ones. Please understand that we always sell the part that is also described. In the case of items such as doors, this always means the door itself without attachments. We will then offer these parts as a gift, remember that you do not receive a guarantee for any additional parts for example, pipes, cables, sockets, handles, etc. Because they are not part of the offer itself.

Returns and claims are possible without any problems. Here you can also get the return slip.

Do you have any questions or suggestions? We are also car parts brokers. We are happy to take the pain and ask our parts suppliers. We ask you as a buyer to always compare your broken spare part with the part number or photos in our description. No adjustment accuracy can be guaranteed on the basis of the key number. If you are concerned that the room will not work for you, please call us or send us a message. Accuracy is guaranteed only with a corresponding part number and identical photos. The vehicle data mentioned, in particular the key numbers, correspond to the data of the donor vehicle.

However, some parts may also be used for other vehicles. If you are not sure that the proposed item corresponds to your vehicle, please contact us. Applies to spare parts used. Our proposed item is a used spare part. Used spare parts usually always show signs of wear, which is why they are also called used!

Traces of use are therefore not grounds for complaint. Used parts usually cost a fraction of the new parts. So you must be aware before buying or bidding that you buy a second-hand item with signs of wear and tear.

So you only have to bid or buy if you really want to buy a second-hand item. We strive to comply fully with all legal requirements, regulations and information obligations and to avoid violations of property rights. Attention, the more time-consuming intervention of a lawyer to issue a warning, paying, does not correspond to the actual or presumed will of the claimant. However, we will completely reject all costs incurred by you without prior contact and, if necessary, file a counterclaim for violation of the above provisions. All body parts are always sold as original parts for painting.

Even with the utmost caution, we cannot prevent items from being slightly damaged as a result of storage or shipment by a freight forwarder. It is of course up to you to decide whether you bring the article to the painter afterwards or if you install it in this way. However, we guarantee you a 100% original item that suits you well and not an accessory item. We send parcels and small bulky goods with gls in express shipping throughout Germany. International shipping is also possible with dhl if you wish.

Please note that we need an additional day for treatment. Shipping of cargo for bulky or heavy goods is possible. In all cases, please provide your phone number, otherwise shipping could be significantly delayed. Attention, the more time-consuming intervention of one. 65 kw / 88 ps. This item is in the category "auto, motorcycle - parts, accessories\ auto: parts and accessories\ interior: parts and accessories\ flyers and control buttons for horns".

The seller is "autohalle24de" and is located in this country: de. This item may be shipped to the following country: europe.

    Mark: mini
  1. color code: pure silver metallised 900
  2. key number at 2/3: 0005/869
  3. particularities: airbag
  4. transmission: switching
  5. reference number(s) oe/oem: 6762457
  6. Manufacturer part number: 6762457
  7. product type: steering wheel
  8. included in delivery: flying
  9. fuel: diesel
  10. capacity: 1364 cm3
  11. Power: 65 kw / 88 hp
  12. model: cooperate one 1
  13. engine code: w17
  14. product type.: Steering wheel
  15. type: r50
  16. Mileage: 147486 km
  17. vehicle identification: wmwrb12070tf12339
  18. Construction period: 6/2003 - 9/2006
  19. product group: interior layout
  20. manufacturer: cooperate
  21. Year of construction: 23.04.2004

30186 Mini Cooper One 1.4d R50 Flying Leather Coated Flying    30186 Mini Cooper One 1.4d R50 Flying Leather Coated Flying