Mini Cooper One

Eu4 Catalyst Mini Cooper One Clubman Conv. 1.4 1.6 N12b16a N12b14a 2005

Eu4 Catalyst Mini Cooper One Clubman Conv. 1.4 1.6 N12b16a N12b14a 2005

Eu4 Catalyst Mini Cooper One Clubman Conv. 1.4 1.6 N12b16a N12b14a 2005    Eu4 Catalyst Mini Cooper One Clubman Conv. 1.4 1.6 N12b16a N12b14a 2005
Eu4 catalyst mini cooper one clubman conv. 1.4 1.6 n12b16a n12b14a 2005. 100% a brand new ready to install, including mounting equipment, professional execution, no adjustment required. Vehicle spare part 100% new! We buy our products exclusively from European distributors!

1 x mini-cooper catalyst 1.6i (r56). Delivery anywhere in France except islands ordered before 2pm, shipped the same day! Ec-r 103 - quality controlled. All articles we propose catalyst mini cooper 1.6i (r56) are tested in accordance with cee-onu no. Emission standard according to manufacturer's instructions: euro 4.

Delivery all over France except islands. Essentials of your spare part in one stroke of oil. We deliver you a brand new vehicle spare part. Due to the required expertise and electronic diagnostic systems, replacement should be done in a designated specialized workshop. Due to the included mounting kit, our vehicle parts can usually be assembled by any farm without any extra effort.

You get a quality product that we buy directly from our vehicle parts manufacturers. This allows us to offer you a high quality product for your vehicle at a reasonable price. Catalyst suitable for the following vehicle models. 1.6i 1598 cm3 120ps 88kw. 1.4i 1397 cm3 95ps 70kw.

The service is written great with us! All the spare parts we offer are checked by the manufacturer and upon arrival at the goods reception service.

All our manufacturers/suppliers are certified according to din in iso 9001:2000. There is a wide variety of vehicle spare parts, which are installed by the vehicle manufacturer in the vehicle plant. In order to clearly assign each spare part in the field of exhaust technology to the vehicle you are looking for, the data records displayed in the vehicle use list may not be sufficient.

In the field of exhaust technology cleaning, more information is often needed to accurately identify a 100% spare part. In any case, we need engine code, engine number, chassis number, etc. And in some cases, also other boundaries to restrict the search for parts.

Do not hesitate to contact our customer service before buying!! when the consumer selects the exhaust technology for his own motor vehicle independently, it is particularly important that the emission standard/euro standard corresponds to the information/data provided by the commercial seller. If you order and have a catalytic converter or diesel particulate filter delivered, e. Based on the specified original part number or engine code of the respective vehicle manufacturer is identified as eu5, but according to the part manufacturer, only eu4 is compliant, then you should be 100% sure that your new vehicle spare part of the exhaust standard you need otherwise, this could lead to considerable problems with the responsible authorities.

In particular, we give special expertise to focus on this problem! The staff of our customer service, with more than 25 years of experience and knowledge of the international and independent car parts market, will gladly help you select the correct and custom spare parts for your vehicle in order to restore the working state of your car.

We can protect you from this and we always want to offer a satisfied customer and the best possible service you deserve as a buyer! We send the product after determining the receipt of your transfer. When paying by credit card, the goods are shipped immediately after the amount of the invoice has been paid by the issuer of your credit card. We, contra-automotive gmbh, send our packages with parcel senders established to give you a maximum. Be able to offer a professional service in the field of parcel shipping. The best possible sender is always selected for you. A selection by you is not possible. Shipping supplements not stackable or tapable. Due to the nature of some of our products, we do not always have the possibility to package the package specifications of our shipping service providers, corresponding packages. Therefore, in some cases, in such a package, which is declared as a bulky bandit or "no", add shipping supplements in the form of bulky goods added.

We indicate it with a note in the article in order to be able to offer you maximum transparency. Of course, you can also recover your item directly on site in our shop for free. Please note our opening hours to pick up your order: Monday to Friday: from 9am to 5pm. Please ask for larger quantities directly by important phone: for payment in advance / bank transfer, the payment must be received in our bank account, before we can give you the goods. You can also pay directly in our shop.

International and European islands possible shipment, please request shipping costs separately. The automotive industry is going through an era. The conventional internal combustion engines are replaced by hybrid and electric motors, the new electric mobility. The driver himself, thanks to autonomous driving technology, will become not only a user of hardware and software at home but also in his car. Dies zusammengenommen wird den automarkt und somit auch den ersatzteilbedarf grundlegend verändern. But this will not happen overnight.

The optimization processes of internal combustion engines are far from exhausted. Industrial and production capacities must be converted or created.

Contra-automotive gmbh wishes to accompany you in this transition period and gain your confidence for having found with us a reliable and competent partner for the present and the future. We are not afraid to compare ourselves to competitors in our market segment. Vehicle usage data are not as usual simply downloaded from our databases in our online stores and placed on the internet but compiled directly from the respective car parts catalogues.

This allows us as a customer with a high level of reliability to deliver what we think is the correct and cheapest spare part as quickly as possible. You can rightly expect optimal performance from us and other trading partners.

"good market" means that an offer in the combination of price, service and quality represents a value for you and others. Socially, we are also experiencing a period of change. Stay private as well as courageous and confident in entrepreneurship. Justice is at the centre of decisions.

With all the private and entrepreneurial criticisms that we express in different situations, you and we finally decide what we do. Who or what do we spend our precious life with? Let's work with professionals or amateurs? Are we buying cheap or cheap? We have to deal with these decisions every day. As general manager of contra-automotive gmbh, I made my decision a long time ago. Thank you for your attention. Are you still not clear or would you like to contact us in another way? Cross references specially made to the vehicle parts we offer. We check every part reference at the customer and the personal interest to protect us and us from unnecessary costs and effort. We protect the environment in a sustainable manner and have therefore put in place almost paperless order processing. All documents and test certificates are only available in pdf format. Employee of our customer service, sometimes with more than 25 years of experience and knowledge of the independent international automotive parts market.

We work with professional service providers and buy only products from certified European suppliers in order to offer you maximum service and high quality products. Member of the Fair Trade Initiative. Mini-cooper catalyst 1.6i (r56). We deliver you a brand new vehicle spare part!

The manufacturer is a European factory for car exhaust technology! You get a quality product that we buy directly from our auto parts manufacturers. This item is in the category "auto, motorcycle - parts, accessories\ automobile: parts and accessories\exhaust and anti-pollution systems\catalysts". The seller is "contra-automotive" and is located in this country: de. This item can be shipped to the following country: france.

    Mark: contra Manufacturer part number: kat-g1316
  1. Vehicle location: contra-automotive
  2. Reference number oe/oem: 18407563247, 18407559332, 18407559400
  3. engine code: n12b16a
  4. Standard euro: 4
  5. model: cooperate

Eu4 Catalyst Mini Cooper One Clubman Conv. 1.4 1.6 N12b16a N12b14a 2005    Eu4 Catalyst Mini Cooper One Clubman Conv. 1.4 1.6 N12b16a N12b14a 2005