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52201486662 Back Seats Rear Mini Cooper R50 1.6 85kw 3p B 5m (2004)

52201486662 Back Seats Rear Mini Cooper R50 1.6 85kw 3p B 5m (2004)

52201486662 Back Seats Rear Mini Cooper R50 1.6 85kw 3p B 5m (2004)    52201486662 Back Seats Rear Mini Cooper R50 1.6 85kw 3p B 5m (2004)

52201486662 back rear seats mini cooper r50 1.6 85kw 3p b 5m (2004). This product sheet has been automatically translated.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 52201486662 rear seat back mini cooper r50 1.6 85kw 3p b 5m (2004) used spare parts 52201486663. Year: 2004 vehicle category: two volumes 3 doors ab af. Product category: interior cockpit of the vehicle / seats and door panels / upholstery of the seats upholstery / backrest complete rear seat. To ensure that the seat is like yours, it may be useful to compare photos of the seats and door panels of the same car, visible by clicking on the link below: 505/19as.

We have no objective reference to color, interior type or configuration, but the photos are real from the seat for sale. The indicated compatibility often does not distinguish between 3 or 5 door cars or between sedan or break, so please always check the picture of the seat and the description of the item which will indicate the respective abbreviations 3p, 5p or sw.

All our seats come from used cars, they are functional but it is advisable to make the selection and installation by competent and qualified personnel to avoid complications or damage to the spare part itself. The item is sold as a replacement for used seat, we do not guarantee that all fasteners, plastic covers, caps, screws, etc.

Be present but you can use your original elements safely. For example, although visible in the photo, the seat belt pretensioner is not part of the replacement sale of the seat. It may have been activated in the donor's car or damaged.

It is therefore left mounted for protection of the seat but free of charge and therefore not covered by any type of guarantee. Seat airgag may require coding (even at a fee) from a specialized automotive electrician or a manufacturer-approved workshop. We therefore recommend that you consult who will replace your seat before bidding. For example, we do not provide radio codes or control box, only the frame number of the original car is communicated upon purchase.

For more information and rates contact us by phone. For some destinations in the south of the italia or islands, delivery may be delayed until 48 hours from the estimated date due to circumstances beyond our control. We are professional sellers, your negative comments or a little detailed star rating penalize us a lot and prevent us from continuing our activity. As professional sellers, we always guarantee customer satisfaction by considering each request to solve any problems that may arise.

We therefore invite you to contact us before giving an early negative return! Any problem can be solved and we are here to guarantee your satisfaction. The return is possible, within the legal period of 14 days, at the buyer's expense.

To make the return quick and easy, it is in your interest to think carefully about the cause of the return before contacting us. We know how frustrating it may be to have to make an item you were waiting for with care, but this does not justify the lack of clarity of being able, for example, to make a mistake during the purchase phase.

We also know that by selling used car parts, it is possible that they present unexpected criticisms, but benefitting from the greater availability of spare parts in stock on the market, we are quickly ready to replace an exceptionally unfortunate car part. Finally, we know that the express mail to which we entrust your spare parts is always in a hurry, so if it were to make a mess in one night, we can solve it.

Return address: autoricambi service srl, via industry 2, 35040 megliadino san vital, italie upon receipt of the returned item, we will check its condition and the presence of our anti-fraud brand. Usually within days of receipt of the return, or in any case within 30 days of receipt of the return, we will make the refund by cancelling the initial payment. Your order is processed within two working days of payment; once the goods are taken over by express mail, delivery will take place within 24/48h.

Mini / mini (r50, r53), 2001.06-2006.09 / cooper, 1598 ccm, 85 kw, 116 ps mini / mini (r50, r53), 2003.11-2005.06 / s works, 1598 ccm, 147 kw, 200 ps mini / mini (r50, r53), 2003.11-2006.09 / works, 1598 ccm, 155 kw, 210 ps mini / mini (r50, r53), 2003.04-2006.09 / one, 1398 ccm, 55 kw, 75 ps mini / mini (r50, r53), 2006.03-2006.09 / john cooper works, 1598 ccm, 160 kw, 218 ps mini / mini (r50, r53), 2004.07-2006.09 / cooper s, 1598 ccm, 125 kw, 170 ps mini / mini (r50, r53), 2001.06-2006.09 / one, 1598 ccm, 66 kw, 90 ps mini / mini (r50, r53), 2002.03-2006.09 / cooper s, 1598 ccm, 95 ckr, 88, 59 /50 d. The indicated compatibilitys often do not distinguish between cars 3 or 5 doors or between sedan or break, so please always check the picture of the seat e. This item is in the category "auto, motorcycle - parts, accessories\ auto: parts and accessories\ interior: parts and accessories\ seat: parts and accessories\ seat". The seller is "autoricambiservice" and is located in this country: it.

This item can be shipped to the following country: whole world.
    Manufacturer part number: 15890 posterior schienale tessuto Mark: mini Motorcycle mark: mini

52201486662 Back Seats Rear Mini Cooper R50 1.6 85kw 3p B 5m (2004)    52201486662 Back Seats Rear Mini Cooper R50 1.6 85kw 3p B 5m (2004)