Mini Cooper One

7br Swan Hitch For Mini Countryman R60 Saloon 3-5p 2010-2016 11003fe1

7br Swan Hitch For Mini Countryman R60 Saloon 3-5p 2010-2016 11003fe1
7br Swan Hitch For Mini Countryman R60 Saloon 3-5p 2010-2016 11003fe1

7br Swan Hitch For Mini Countryman R60 Saloon 3-5p 2010-2016 11003fe1    7br Swan Hitch For Mini Countryman R60 Saloon 3-5p 2010-2016 11003fe1
Fixed hitch gooseneck with 7-pin bundles relay relay kit. Subsequently a sample is created to verify the perfect fit during the assembly phase, structural strength and safety through an elaborate test effort phase of over 2 million cycles. Once the objective has been achieved, in the presence of the Italian ministerial authority, the team is approved in accordance with the European legislation 94/20 / ce. We sell hitches produced by companies that have received iso9001 / 2008 quality certification.

The tow bars are designed to fit standard bumpers. This excludes sports models, titanium, zetec and variants etc. To use the tow bars with the alko stabilizer the customer must contact the seller since some tow bars are not suitable for alko.

Please, if your vehicle has a vehicle data system bus (bus can) or a led lighting system, it is recommended to contact the local dealer to check if the universal wiring is suitable for the vehicle. Car or specific wiring is required. Images are used for illustrative purposes only and are designed to be suitable for use as advertised. Please note that the tow bars for the vehicle are tested for cars with a simple twill exhaust system and if you have a more different type, you will need additional support. Please do not hesitate to contact the seller if you have a problem. The kit contains - hitch - towbar device - fasteners and crossbars - nuts and bolts - assembly instruction - a test certificate - wiring pack. Be aware that quality is invaluable in reference to road safety! 7 pin plug with 2m cable. 2 x red earth ring terminals. 4m x 28 / 0.3mm wire. No cooper, sd, no spare wheel, control towing weight. Year beginning of the production. Why buy the hitches from us? We only sell hitches produced by European companies that are ISO 9001/2008 certified with maximum respect for the aesthetic characteristics of the vehicle. All couplers are approved in accordance with European legislation 94/20 / EC. The assembly instructions are clear and complete and are in English or pictograms. We have an assortment of over 1,000 hitches always available in our warehouse. All our feedbacks are in relation to the teams. We do not use private advertising like the others. We assure you full drum guarantee. Please refer to the picture in the gallery for editing instructions as it is possible that the main picture does not fit. The hitch shown is for illustrative purposes only. For these vehicles equipped with a control system, it is necessary to use a wiring kit with bypass relay or a specific wiring kit. Our main goal is your complete satisfaction. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service or our technical team. For us it's really important your opinion-positive or negative. Visible bumper cutout The following conditions apply in all contracts for the sale of the business.

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The item owing \ drawbars \The seller is \This item can be shipped to the following country: France.
  1. vertical load (kg): 50 <\/ li>
  2. ean: not applicable <\/ li>
  3. type: coupling with universal wiring <\/ li>
  4. year end of production: 11/16 <\/ li>
  5. removable: no <\/ li>
  6. bumper cut: visible <\/ li>
  7. Manufacturer Part Number: 181100300011000000 <\/ li>
  8. note: no cooper s, sd, no spare wheel, check towing weight <\/ li>
  9. year of production start: 09/10 <\/ li>
  10. dismantling bumper: yes <\/ li>
  11. coupling type: fixed hitch gooseneck <\/ li>
  12. country of manufacture: italy <\/ li>
  13. vehicle mark: mini <\/ li>
  14. functional type: ukl-x <\/ li>
  15. retractable plug: no <\/ li>
  16. maximum towing capacity (kg): 750 <\/ li>
  17. model: countryman <\/ li>
  18. version: r60 hatchback 3-5 doors <\/ li>
  19. brand: umbra rimorchi <\/ li>
  20. d (kn) value: 7.5 <\/ li> <\/ Ul>
    7br Swan Hitch For Mini Countryman R60 Saloon 3-5p 2010-2016 11003fe1    7br Swan Hitch For Mini Countryman R60 Saloon 3-5p 2010-2016 11003fe1