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Eibach Pro-kit Springs Lowering E10-57-001-03-22 Mini Mini/mini Convertible

Eibach Pro-kit Springs Lowering E10-57-001-03-22 Mini Mini/mini Convertible

Eibach Pro-kit Springs Lowering E10-57-001-03-22 Mini Mini/mini Convertible   Eibach Pro-kit Springs Lowering E10-57-001-03-22 Mini Mini/mini Convertible
Eibach pro-kit lowering spring kit. Mini mini (r50, r53), mini convertible (r52). For more details on the vehicle specifications, see the corresponding chart below.

4 springs for the front and rear axles. The product images presented are only as an illustration and may not be an accurate representation of the product. Maximum load at the front. Slide the table for more details. 04.2003 - 09.2006.

06.2001 - 09.2006. 03.2002 - 09.2006. 07.2004 - 09.2006. 06.2003 - 09.2006. 07.2004 - 11.2007.

Additional information for mini (r50, r53), mini convertible (r52). Please also read the common information below before placing your order. If not separately named, for vehicles with. If not separately named, vehicles with. The specifications indicated in the components certificate are for the classification of the item / vehicle.

Please check the type components certificate number of your car and compare with the components certificate. Letter in your vehicle registration certificate or to find at the plate type of your car! Please verify before fitting by means of the components certificate if the delivered items (please see marking) are approved for your vehicle (please see area of use). In case of non-conformance the items must not be fitted - please refer to your dealer.

Mounting - we recommend to have our spring system installed by a qualified workshop only, that has skilled staff and the required special tools available. Mounting position - you can ead the mounting position of the springs from the imprint - have them installed just the way you read the imprint. Wheel adjustment - after completion of the spring/suspension installation, checking the wheel adjustment is required. Shock absorbers - if the standard shock absorbers are not fully operative anymore and their efficiency has worn off considerably, we strongly recommend to replace those by new standard shock absorbers or by sports shock absorbers, if using lowering springs. This already can be necessary from 40,000 kilometers oe-damper-milage.

The installation of sport-shock absobers is recommended. Here all wheel/tyre-combinations are possible, which are released by the wheel type testing institution. The instructions in the wheel components certificate have to be adhered to, except for: oe suspension is required.

Depending on engine, gearbox/transmission, equipment and vehicle tolerances lowering may differ from the values given. The applicability of our products deals with standard cars.

In any case of reconstruction (even with oe-accessory-parts), as the installation of an accessory-brake-system e. Ceramic-brakes, sport-suspension, lpg-(liquefied petroleum gas)-system for example, the use of our products may be excluded. The stated measurements are referring to new standard cars. Measuring points: vertical distance from the middle of the wheel hub to the bottom edge of the mud wing.

Generally the stated measurements are nominal values, which can vary depending on every car. If your vehicle has serial electronic damper control this will not be available anymore while using the b12- or pro-street-s-suspension kit.

You will see a trouble code. This can be re-programmed by an official garage/dealership.

If available for your vehicle, we recommend to use pro-tronic to avoid the trouble code. The eibach pro-kit is the ideal solution for the most popular street vehicles. Our legendary spring system greatly improves either the performance that the vehicle is looking at. The pro-kit lowers the centre of gravity of your car, reducing the sagging of the back part during acceleration, rolling around corners and excessive forward movement when braking. After installing wheels and tyres plus-1 or plus-2, the eibach pro-kit becomes the final touch of a winning recipe in terms of performance. The pro-kit also prevents excessive wing clearance, making your car as beautiful as it is performing. Each eibach pro-kit is designed and tested by our engineers and experts in suspension and performance matire, to ensure a spectacular and aggressive look and high-performance handling, without ever compromising the safety or quality of the ride. With our exclusive spring technology, pro-kit offers the best balance to take your passion for cars to a whole new level.

It is a brand new product, original and quite useful. Feel free to ask us.

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  1. ean: 4050278004503
  2. placement on vehicle: rear, front, left, right
  3. unit: 4 springs
  4. mark: eibach
  5. manufacturer's coin number: e10-57-001-03-22
  6. manufacturing countries: Germany

Eibach Pro-kit Springs Lowering E10-57-001-03-22 Mini Mini/mini Convertible   Eibach Pro-kit Springs Lowering E10-57-001-03-22 Mini Mini/mini Convertible